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Are our items really haunted?
You be the judge!
Here is a crazy item, while vacationing in Hawaii Judy Rudolf purchased this coconut monkey at a near by shop.   while walking down the shore of the beach with this monkey in her hand  she was suddenly struck  by a falling coconut and was pronounced dead at the scene Witness said she was asking the store clerk questions on how much a coconut weighed just before the tragic accident occured      You be the judge
You be the judge
This interesting piece was made by a woman named Hurtha Witmyer she lived all by herself in the early 30s and liked to make things and some say she practiced witchcraft this was the last piece she made before she passed and some previous owners say it's haunted.  John Brien "I bought it for kicks at an antique auction I only paid $30 it came in a box with a woman's picture I didn't notice the whiskers were missing on one side of face I placed it on my mantel and forgot about it. One evening wile watching TV I jumped up and watched this item move from one end of my mantel to the other side as if someone was pushing it. I thought I was dreaming so I placed it back to where I had it and watched and waited after about an hour it did it again!  I quickly found the old woman's picture and on the back of it was a hand written letter it name is Carmen ( pull my whisker and I will grant you a wish but beware if you pull to hard I might just  hiss,  if bad fortune happens the next day quickly sell me or give me away) I naturally pulled a whisker from its chin and made a wish the very next day my TV antenna was struck by lightning and blew all 4 of my TVs and receivers along with a power serge that wrecked 2 of my computers I got rid of the dam thing"               

This doll was once owned by a little girl who was in a serious car accident and died Bernice Frampton "I bought this doll at a church yard sale for my collection took it home and placed it on my shelf and left when I came back home I noticed the doll was gone I asked my husband if he saw the doll I bought and he said no I went on a search and I found the doll downstairs in the basement I placed it back on my shelf shook my head at my husband and we both went to bed 330 am I awoke to an odd noise when I turned on the lights the doll was in my bed! We were both asleep I found out later that the doll belonged to a little girl that died in a car accident I took it to a psychic who claimed it was indeed supernatural the girl is attached to the doll and wants to play with it to spooky for me I got rid of it"       You be the judge
Hertha Witmyer
18 inches high
authentic photo included
All of our items are unique, odd, and Unusual . More items to be added soon .
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Remember when these came out. You will never find another like this one, this particular Firby was bought brand new as a gift for an aging old man in a nursing home. As time went on the nurses noticed the man playing and talking to it keeping him quite content for a number of months till the old man died. The toy was placed in the room and the old man was removed. Jane stickton(staff at senior home)
"I was doing my rounds one night and in room 27 where Mr. Hopkins was I heard a very strange chattering noise I knew the room was empty so I went in to see what was going on. Here was this toy making the strangest sounds and speaking gibberish I thought some kid must have left it on so I tried to find a switch to turn it off I had to remove the batteries so it would shut off I placed it back on the dresser and to my surprise it opened its eyes and demanded I return the batteries and swore at me I was never so scared" I told some other staff members about my experience and another nurse said when she went in to give Mark his medicine the toy opened its eyes and said get out three times in a very strange high pitched voice. The batteries have never been placed in it since

This fishing lure was once lodged  in the throat of Frank Myers, two boys Frank and Gary went fishing on a sunny afternoon for pike , as Gary went to cast he accidentally cast this lure right into Franks mouth on the back swing  and snagged his throat they were so far down stream that nothing could be done to save Frank  cell phones didn't even exist  back then Gary dragged Franks body three miles through the bush to their bicycles near the road,      you be the Judge
We have searched the globe for haunted and unusual items that have a strange story connected to them all our items are authentic. These items will be the talk at your next party ( Will be available only on eBay real soon)
Our warehouse holds some of the creepiest and unusual items guaranteed with a authentic story as why they are so unusual
This is the walking stick of old man  Crane,
They say he died  while walking in the rain
As he shuffeled down the slippery rain swept  street
He somehow tripped or stumbled over his feet
With this walking cane in his  hand
Old Jim went down with a slam
They say it was only three inches of water where he drowned
Old Jim may be dead
BUT his cane gets up and it walks around..........................

This walking cane is an unusual item
Seems it will fall down or even move around when
It rains its most active durring a thunderstorm

Carol Bernell
"I came across this cane in a thrift store it had a nice purple stone on      the Handle it was a deal for two bucks.  I placed my cane in the corner and forgot about it
When I went to use the cane  it was nowhere to be found I live with only four cats And my home has three floors. I would find this cane all through the house
At places where you would least expect it, i remember one morning it was raining very hard
I was upstairs in my bedroom and there was the cane  laying on my floor I picked it up And went downstairs put it back in the closet I even closed the door
I went back upstairs and there was the cane laying in the same spot that I just picked it up" 
The lady at the store claimed it was brought to the store by a little old lady by the name of Crane the old lady  kindley said "Jim wont be needing this anymore you mise well have it"  and left the store.  Later it was found out the old ladys husband died while taking a walk and getting caught in a heavy rain storm.........................................................

You be the judge
This is the hat of Jonathon P Hallowston
According to this mans wishes his hat was to be buried along side with him and his tie was to be given to his grandson. Well his grandson ended up with the hat and the tie was buried with him. One evening the grandson 8yrs old complained his grampa was keeping him awake and won't let him sleep. He wants his hat back and both parents were in AW. They were well aware of the mix up but kept it quiet. Both mom and dad convinced the boy he was having a bad dream. The hat was donated to a rummage sale and the troubles went away Or did they…………….
Dale Beaker
'I bought this hat for a play at the school brought it home and that very night a man with dark mustache appeared in my room demanding this hat and disappeared. I gave the hat to my friend the next day I explained  what happened and she laughed at me and took the hat home.   That  night at 1130 she called me in terror that she too saw  a ghost wanting his hat back the hat was obtained in a novelty gift shop in Canton Ohio and is very active...........................
You Be The Judge
Has anyone seen my hat
I do not know where its at
if it  happens to be in your room
I will see you real soon
This old wooden head was washed up on the shores of Lake Erie in the early 30's
And no one knows where it came from. It ended up at the former Crystal Beach Amusement Park
Used as a prop in a walk through ride.
Norm Roynon  
" I  bid on a box of stuff at an auction in Crystal Beach in 1989 I recall it was a miserable rainy day but I won. The box was quite heavy I couldn't wait to get home and explore my treasures. Upon opening the box I noticed all it contained was this old wooden head and several old post cards. I placed this head the following year in a garage sale. A chinese man purchased it and
claimed it was from his country and will take it back with him"
Mrs. June brand( 1997 )
" I went on vacation to Bangkok and in this shop was this old wooden head I purchased it and brought it Back to Rochester NY as a gift for my
Husband well it also ended up in a 
Sale  I know it was purchased by a Oriental man he handed me $50 I was only asking $10 but he insisted I keep the change and left"
In 2007 10 years later Jim a local resedent was walking down Crystal Beach  picking up cans and noticed something washed a shore, upon approaching it here was this old wooden
head rolling on shore with the waves in almost the same place it was first found  78 years ago.

You Be the Judge
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You be the judge
Now up for bid
This Firby will go up for Auction on October 24th and end on Halloween Night at Midnight please dont buy for kids 

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