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The Crystal Beach Market
Vendors call now for busy 2007 season
WE are located in the village of Crystal Beach just min from the beautiful white sands  so grab a towel and come on down.
Our town was once  World famous for its amusement park wich met its sudden demise in 1989 Both our roller coasters made it into the guinness book of world records and one outstanding ride our legacy  The Laff In The Dark  if there is anything that should be brought back to this town it defentley this. you can keep your carasel but give me the Laff in the dark. A small group was formed The Crystal Beach Nostalgic Asscoation with our sales we plan to rebuild a replica of the origional classic  we were given 500 mugs bought at auction and now we are releasing them for sale for this project. The mugs can be purchased at the STORE   your help is greatley apreciated .    Market Manager    
The Comet
Steve"s  Snack Shack
Steves Snack Shack  located on Erie Road Parking and picnic area 1 min to this beautiful Beach
French Fries
Come for a swim and have a picnic under a shade tree The picnic area is located only A 2 min walk to one of Canada's finest sand beach bring your family bring your friends and we will see you this summer at Crystal Beach  
289-876-9001   steve