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The Crystal Beach
Open Air Market
Vendors call now! 289-876-9001
WE are located in the heart of the village on Erie Road in Crystal Beach, Ontario,  Canada, if you sell it I have a spot for you space is no problem. We are looking for butchers bakers and even candel stick makers or whatever. we are located only a stone throw away from the buzy beach entrance 
Lick a de split has your favorite Beach Toy and Those cold tasty treats
Vendors Call Now!!!!
289-876-9001 and reserve your spot
You never know who you may bump into at the market
Come and have a pic-nic at one of our many tables and go for a swim we are only 2 min away from the beach entrance
Leave the kids on the beach and sneek away for a cold drink at The Patty Wagon Restaraunt and Tavern

Here comes that old guy again
he thinks the park is still open
Where is the roller coaster
sorry old timer but the amusement park closed in 1989